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About Evergreen Blades

Evergreen Blades provides lawn mowing, weed spraying, irrigation repairs and turf care to residential and business customers. We believe that reputation is the best advertising, that’s why we’re constantly looking to maintain, improve and enhance our performance to give you the best possible experience and service. This, along with our commitment to training, education and monitored trade memberships has helped us become one of the most trusted and dependable lawn care contractors in the area.

Regularly mowed turf is healthier and requires less maintenance. A healthy lawn blankets the soil to reduce, and even actively prevent weed growth. Providing that it’s also regularly fertilised and adequately watered, your lawn can be green and healthy all year round.

We offer a broad range of preventative services and plans, carefully designed for economy of maintenance.

At Evergreen we’re more than just all talk – we do the hard work, so that you don’t have to.

Cylinder Mower Rockingham

Lawn Mowing

You’re only as good as your tools, and at Evergreen blades we use the best tools available locally. We’re constantly testing new products and speaking with both interstate and international manufacturers, to investigate the latest equipment and develop new techniques. Our commercial-grade mowers, edgers and line-trimmers are regularly sharpened and maintained to ensure that we’re providing a great mowing service.

We use high quality equipment to achieve a high-end finish. ensuring that we’re always a cut above the rest.

Lawn Repairs

We want you to enjoy using your lawn and outdoor spaces, and like anything that gets used, sometimes your lawn can get damaged; pets, parked cars and boat trailers, even that game of cricket on Australia Day can all result in defects. And that’s not to mention insects and pests and the occasional game of back yard footy. Getting a kick out of your lawn can sometimes take its toll. We have the tools and the lawn repair know-how to get it back to its best. We can even laboratory test samples when needed to solve problems like diseases. Our membership of the Lawn Mowing Contractors Association of Western Australia, and our years in the business also gives us access to a broad knowledge base and a wealth of contacts when we encounter harder-to-solve issues.

We can fix your lawn, no matter what nature, or the kids, throw at it.


We’ll keep your lawn healthy, happy and looking lush with a range of feeds and fertilisers.

We’re qualified and equipped to carry out PH and temperature testing on-site as part of the lawn services we offer, which enables us to assess and design a feeding plan that’s tailored to your lawn and the environmental conditions it’s subject to. We’ve put together a handy calendar with loads of information on feeding and fertilising your lawn.

All of us need a good feed every now and again, and your lawn is no different.

Coring Aeration Rockingham

Coring and Aeration

Living in and using your garden can result in compacted ground beneath your lawn, inhibiting its growth and giving it a tired and down trodden appearance. We improve aeration with a coring machine which allows oxygen to get to the roots and encourages the critters that promote healthy growth to return.

We’re not just lawn mowing contractors – we know grass.


We carry spares, and we can even perform upgrades to your existing irrigation system so that your patch never goes under-watered. We’re a member of the Water Corp Waterwise Garden Irrigator Programme, so we’re well placed to offer irrigation advice and installation where it’s needed.

So, get Water Wise today. Ask us to conduct a survey of your current irrigation system to ensure that it’s operating as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Weed Control

It’s important to stay on top of the weeds, so they don’t get on top of your lawn. Providing a good lawn mowing service means also keeping one trained eye open for unwanted guests.

We’re licensed by the WA Department of Health to use an arsenal of specialist chemical treatments in our weed spraying equipment. Our license means we’re fully trained and our standards and working practises are monitored when we apply chemicals, so you know that your pets will be safe, treatments will be tailored specifically to the type of weed and conditions, and we’re fully insured.

Remember that if they’re not WA Dept of Health licensed, they’re not insured, and they’re not approved to apply an effective range of chemical treatments.

Our monthly weed control plans have been developed to be cost-effective in a field where pro-active maintenance is the go.

We help you win the war against weeds, without bashing your wallet.

Commercial Lawn mowing Services

As well as commercial lawn mowing, we offer a full range of gardening services and garden maintenance solutions to the commercial sector, keeping business premises of all kinds looking green, professional and inviting.

We offer an out-of-hours service to our business customers because we know that what we do can be noisy, and our aim is to keep disruptions and distractions to a minimum.

Meet Our Happy Clients

We were planning on selling our house in a few months, but our lawns looked worse for wear, Weeds, Dead patches and irrigation system issues.

We contact Paul, and he attended our property, seen the issues, discussed the plan and our requirements. Within 2 days he was back repairing the irrigation and repairing the lawn, And not just putting new lawn in he tested the soil, Identified the weeds and used his custom blended fertiliser.

A Week later he returned to spray the weeds which had grown.

Back again a weeks later he was back to mow the lawn and it needed it. Weeds were almost dead and no new ones, once he had finished everything looked great other than a few dead spots.

2 months later the lawns were looking Mint, our neighbours were jealous. We listed the house and it sold within a week, it wouldn’t have happened with the lawns in the original condition.

Thanks Paul

We contacted Evergreen Blades for a simple sprinkler repair, When they rocked up i was shocked, in work uniforms, Professional trailer and equipment. Sprinkler was repaired extremely quickly and matching pattern to original. We asked for a quote to do the lawns, was reasonably priced and has now been doing our lawn for over 12 months. They rock up do the work and send me the bill, i have no issues paying straight away. And there system is easy, sms and emailed invoices with option to pay via credit card it is just simple and without headaches.

Baldivis, W.A,

We hired the Paul from Evergreen Blades to completely revive our front lawn. They did an amazing job! Everything was planned out perfectly and executed on time. Now everyone on our street is jealous of our beautiful lawn.

Greenfields, WA.

We fired our last gardener as wasn’t doing what was required, Our owner is extremely fussy with his own land and wanted us to find somebody whom is professional from the start. Paul and Adian both attended and went through out site and asked questions, discussed what we wanted and identified a few issues.

We have not looked back or regretted our choice in any way, the owner visits occasionally and is always pleased with the presentation of our gardens and lawns, so much so the manager and foreman have used him at there own premises as well.


Naval Base, W.A.

We had a major public event coming up and our current gardener was not doing things, Eg no mulching, weeds in garden and overgrown bushes. Having used Evergreen Blades at one of my other business, We called and asked for some URGENT help. Within a few hours we had a site visit, and a quote later that night

3 days later the job was completed, And well what a transformation, Hedges Pruned, Mulch in garden beds, all the weeds removed, even went a step further and mowed the lawns and blown down the driveway/Car park for us.

Myaree, W.A.

Standard Rates

Interested in regular gardening services? Here are our standard offerings and rates.

Mow and Trim Banner

from $30

Lawn Mowing (Reel or Rotary Mower)
Fibre Line Trimming.
Metal Blade Edging.
Blowing down of Path/Drive Ways.

*All pricing is structured on m2 and other variables. Obligation Free Quotes available.
Cleanup Banner

from $50

Weed Control
Control Weeds in Lawns
Reduce Wintergrass
Target Problem Weeds:-
Clover, Burr Medic, False Dandelion.
Control Weeds in Garden Beds

Dept. of Health Licensed Pest Controller REG2353
Seasonal Banner

from $30

Irrigation Repairs
Sprinkler System Flush
Replace Sprinklers/Solenoids
Repair Broken Pipes*
Reprogram/Replace Controllers
System Condition Reports

*Water Corporation Leak Allowance Form Approved under Waterwise Garden Irrigator Program WGIP#0373
Water Droplet Transparent

Want to get your lawn ready for spring and summer.

Now is the best time to start getting things ready, We can start the weed control process to get rid of the weeds ready for summer, and reduce the Presence of the winter weeds before they take hold of your lawn and require more work in Spring.

Call us now to come and provide a obligation free quote.

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