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Evergreen Blades Lawn Mowing In Waikiki

Cutting your Lawn

When you cut your lawn there are a few things people are not aware that people do every day and is damaging your lawn. When you let your lawn get overgrown, and then cut it you can stress out the turf and cause it to become unhealthy, Stressing out the lawn is done simply by cutting the lawn more than 1/3rd as you are removing it’s nutrient and water storage when you cut the leaf.

This also affects how it creates energy as it uses the leaf to convert Co2 to O2 and produce energy to help it grow.

If your lawn is overgrown the best thing to do is cut it 1/3rd, then the next week cut it again slightly lower and give it some time to adapt to the cut and slowly reduce its height over a few weeks.

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