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Water Restrictions

Starting out with just a single vehicle and tools, Doing Property Maintenance, we have expanded our services and grown into one of the most professional property maintenance companies in our area. Our expansion and stellar reputation is due, in part, to our exceptional reputation for quality and timely service.

Our recent expansion of Evergreen Blades into the lawn mowing, Irrigation and Weed control, is due to the fact some of our client have been unable to find a reliable cost effective and quality professional lawn care contractors in their area.

We allow our technicians to utilise the latest technology and techniques to deliver beautiful results that will stand the test of time. Through continued research, education and networking we gain the knowledge and skills to ensure we can provide you with the best service possible.

Gathering data from both local and BOM weather stations ensures that the data it received and uses to make these calculations is as accurate as possible other than attaching your own weather station (Which can be done ), the local weather station data it uses is called a Virtual station, this is upto 5 local stations and the data is combined and then an average from the 5 stations is used to work out the requirements.

The Hydra wise system is so versitile we can install multiple other sensors to monitor its effeciency. Such as a water meter to measure the amount of water being applied from the water source. This allows us to receive alerts when you have problems such as a leak or broken sprinkler or even a blockage, A soil monitoring sensors to confirm how much moisture is getting into the soil and use that as another tool. Another common sensor is the “ET” Evapotranspiration to calculate how much evaporation is happening at your location.

We have actually had the hydra wise system installed for over 3 years and has saved us hundreds in water costs. Being next to a laneway we often get vandals kick our sprinklers and break them, this system alerts us when this happens and allows us to stop the system and correct the problem as we done always see the broken sprinklers.

Feel Free to contact us to have a look at your system and quote on an upgrade or improvement.

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