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Not all fertilisers are created Equal.

Whilst there are main fertilises out on the market saying suitable for all situations, there are also many that are better suited for particular situations. We are always looking at the market, and testing new products all the time including Fertilisers. We have our preferred fertiliser that suits most of our jobs and lawns in our region, but there is also some other we use for different situations. For example if we want a buffalo lawn that is needs some rich green leaf then we use one high in iron and other trace elements. If we want some rapid growth then it is Nitrogen.

Also have a good look we avoid some fertilisers for different reasons. Also check and ensure you are applying the correct dosage. Often people don’t measure the area they are fertilising and apply to little and then complain it does not work.

Measure your area and then weigh the fertiliser to ensure the correct application rate. 

PH is also another thing to consider whilst Buffalo like a acidic lawn couch does not, follow the product instructions.


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