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Rockingham Lawn Care Services

The city of Rockingham lies in the southwestern region of Perth, which is the capital city of Western Australia and takes 45 mins to reach — surrounded by beautiful seashores and the southern City of Fremantle. Some exquisite beaches are Cockburn Sound, the Rockingham beach and Palm beach. Also, this place is ideal for wine lovers at Baldivis Karnup Wine trail, swimmers and beauty admirers at Cape Peron, and wildlife enthusiasts at Penguin island. These fantastic places allow you to indulge in water sports, skydiving above the beach, enjoy nature at environmental parks, and likewise enjoy much more. Its beautiful and serene environment makes it a perfect destination to spend a blissful life.

In terms of its natural environment, Rockingham is topographically flat and consists of coastal vegetation and sandy beaches.

Apart from this, Rockingham is also known for its lawn varieties like Soft Leaf Buffalo, Couch, and Kikuyu. Under proper maintenance, these lawns are perfect visual and relaxing spaces. Regular maintenance motivates thick & balletic green grass, which is exclusive of weeds. To maintain the grace of these grounds, Evergreen Blades has specialty towards all the elements of commercial and residential landscaping. We have an individual approach towards every lawn, and we indulge personalization factor towards it. We are passionate about greenery, which gives us the vision to beautify your yard. We have worked on lawns from big to small sizes and have accomplished every project with an intricate approach.

As stated, we provide a series of services to adorn your lawn; one of the services is coring. While coring your turf, give it some air into the soil and loosen the compaction in the grass, we also fertilise and add a wetting agent to get the full benefits. This method is classic and comes with an elegant finish. Also, you don’t need to put any extra effort into maintenance. The artificial grass gives a natural touch and also helps you save water. We also provide budgeting options to allow services for your lawn concerning your budget. We aim to put efforts towards embellishing the ground that will give a relaxed feel to you and your family.

We have a unique approach towards every lawn, and it is because we believe that every yard has its own story and experiences. We try to portray these experiences and stories in the design of the lawn. Though due to the unpredictable weather conditions in Rockingham, lawn designing is a tough task. However, we dedicate our team to bring the best look for your lawn. Apart from lawn mowing and turfing, we offer weed control services, fertilising & lawn repair services to make your yard beautiful healthy and natural.


Your house can look vibrant and superb if your front and back lawns are kept well. They enhance the beauty of your house and add an aesthetic appeal to it. Lawns are the focal points of your domestic structure, where you seek a few seconds of peaceful time in open air, fun and enjoyable moments with your peers and loved ones. Every plant of your lawn adds to the beauty of your property. These seeds when sown with proper maintenance and timely water supply, they blossom bigger.

It doesn’t matter if you are living in a stunning villa or working in a huge firm, whenever any guest or client shows up; you won’t want them to look at your disturbing yard.

But with the growing workload and busy everyday lifestyle, the proper upkeep of these recreations is lost to the lack of time. Retaining the lushness of the plantations in the yard over the week is getting difficult by the day. Even if one gets some free time, it’s passed in taking a break and regaining the strength, utilized to perform other tasks. No one has the energy left after an arduous day.

Do not fret our friends! We are here to help you out of this confusion. We, Evergreen Blades, provide the expertlawn maintenance services in less time frame. We offer the best mowing, irrigation & weed control facilities to all our customers, whether they need it for their homes or workplace; we perform best in all situations. By relying on the saying that- ‘you are as good as your tools’, we use the best available commercial equipment and recreate your yard space into a statuesque time spending location.

The ground keeping! Our staff is specially trained to take good care of your lawn with not just handy tools but also the high-tech new era machinery and perform all the tasks with unbeatable skills.

With the lawn mowing, we also give out weed vaporizing with manual techniques using a little number of chemicals, then irrigation mends, and grass care services so that your garden area outshines flawlessly and increase the vibrant look of your home. Our services (as mentioned above) are specially enlisted by the professionals send to examine the yard.

These are just not fake promises; it’s our job to help you so that you can relax.

Lawn Mowing Rockingham

Weed Spraying / Weed Control

If you are passionate about your lawn, you must be aware of the horrors of the invasive plants – the weeds.
Weeds are simply plants that grow where they are not wanted. Every lawn develops some weeds from time to time, here and there, which require pulling them out manually or getting rid of them chemically.
While both the above methods might sound easy and effective, there is so much more to these. It is crucial to know your weeds and lawn, before you make your killer move, as what you might be doing which is promoting their growth instead of getting rid of them.
There are different types of weeds that might intrude in your garden. Broadleaf, grassy weed and grass-like weed are the three major categories which comprise of varieties of weeds such as dandelion, crabgrass, wild onion, etc. These unwanted guests can be harmful to your kids and pets, turning your garden in a dangerous place.
While you can pull the weed manually by your hands, some plants have deep roots that might break, and these broken roots help them grow back. Treating grass with chemicals might sound like a good idea, but the chemicals, being toxic, harmful and a risky choice for your lawns and surrounding plants.
The best way to get rid of these invaders is to get help of professionals who specialize in this task and remove weeds for a living. People like us!
Evergreen blades are licensed by the WA Department of Health as register pest control sprayers.
This gives us access to an extensive range of active chemicals and industrial equipment to get rid of the stubborn weeds from your beautiful garden.
Also, being licensed allows us to give you a guaranteed return of your investment, as we provide services that are insured. So now you don’t need to take any stress and can quickly leave your garden to us. With contractors who are not licensed, you are always at risk of damaging your property as the chemicals and fertilizers they use are not at all verified. Our team of trained professionals monitors the application of chemicals, ensuring the safety of your kids and pets. We provide solutions tailored to you, effectively overthrow weed infestation from your garden. And cost-effective monthly plans so that you can make sure your yard is weed-free, without burning a hole in your pocket.

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