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Shoalwater is a small suburb area of Perth, located at the southern edge of Rockingham city. This tiny suburb has a small population of approximately 3000 people. The best part of the Shoalwater suburb is that it is Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. This park is a protected area spread into 6,540 hectares. Shoalwater is being surrounded by Cape Peron, Warnbro sound, Shoalwater bay, and by some small islands like Seal Island, Penguin Island, & Shag Rock. One could engross into adventurous sports like kite surfing, kiteboarding, etc. Also, with reach to the above islands, one can explore flora and fauna. Shoalwater is also home to cricketers as it offers Shoalwater Bay Cricket club, from where players can move to Peel Cricket association. Also, this place is famous for coral reefs as well, which are called Rowley Shoals.

This place has equally impressive residences as its activities. A tiny population gives the best living goals, especially home goals. And to add a little more in these goals, Evergreen Blades has the best ways to make your gardens exclusive and charming. At Evergreen blades, we believe that gardens portray the personality of the owner. The sophistication of your garden space will define the refinement you have in your life. We don’t want your lawn leaving a nasty impression on your guests, and that’s why we offer plenty of service options to help rejuvenate your lawn, and make it an appropriate space to relax.

As Shoalwaters has some extreme weather conditions, it is usually suggestible to have well-maintained lawns, that could bear the effects of climatic change. We have been recreating grounds for more than ten years, and have the experience to teach innovative ideas that provide strength and beauty to your property. We know that every household deserves a beautiful lawn, that’s why we have been developing new ideas to make every lawn is green.

With less availability of water, we have ideas to irrigate your garden in such a way that it does not waste and overuse any resource. We carefully assess the conditions of the ground and give suggestions on what all services are required, to improve its conditions. You can come up to Evergreen Blades anytime and open the magic box that will rejuvenate your lawn. We are always there to help and create the best look for your ground.

Shoalwater Lawn Mowing


Your house can look vibrant and superb if your front and back lawns are kept well. They enhance the beauty of your home and add an aesthetic appeal to it. Gardens are the focal points of your property, as this is where you seek a few hours of peaceful time in open air, fun and enjoyable moments with your family. Every plant of your lawn adds to the beauty of your property. These seeds when sown with proper maintenance and timely water supply, they blossom bigger.

It doesn’t matter if you are living in a stunning villa or in a house, whenever your guest shows up at your premises, you really don’t want them to look at your unprepared yard.

But with the growing workload and busy everyday lifestyle, the proper upkeep of these recreations is lost to the lack of time. Retaining the lushness of the plantations in the yard over the week is getting harder by the day. Even if one gets some free time, it’s passed in taking a break and regaining the strength, utilised to perform other tasks. No one has the energy left after an arduous day.

Do not fret our friends! We are here to help you out of this confusion. We, Evergreen Blades, provide the expert lawn maintenance services in less time frame. We offer the best mowing, irrigation & weed control services to all our customers, whether they need it for their homes or workplace.


By relying on the saying that- ‘you are as good as your tools’, this is why we use the commercial grade equipment, to make your yard space into an enjoyable time spending location.

The ground keeping! Our staff is specially trained to take good care of your lawn with not just handy tools but also the high-tech new era machinery and perform all the tasks with unbeatable skills.

As with the lawn mowing, we also give out free advice to our customers. Such as fertilising requirements, Irrigation programming, and grass care services so that your garden area outshines flawlessly and increases the vibrant look of your home. Our services (as mentioned above) are completed by the professionals sent to examine the yard.

These are just not fake promises; it’s our job to help you so that you can relax.


Plants get all of their essential nutrients from their surroundings. Everything they need is around them, either in the soil or is drifting in the air. But if everything is so readily available, the question arises, why invest in the appropriate fertilisers?

Even though plants might have access to all the nutrients, not every plant can consume them. The secret is in the soil. Not every soil type packs nutrients which might be enough for your lovely plants. Factors like construction, pollution, environmental changes, and traffic might alter the soil structure and its constituents, which shrinks the amount of nutrient in the soil. And hence, fertilisers are essential to help the plants access all the nutrients they require to thrive.

But how much quantity of fertilisers is required? How can you decide how less is too little and how much is too much?

It is always a good idea to get your soil tested before adding fertilisers to it. Adding less amount of fertilisers in the earth might not be helpful and overfeeding your plants might also kill them! A well-fed plant is a happy and beautiful plant, and knowing the right quantity is the key.

While the market has 100s of different brands and types of fertilisers, it might be a puzzling task to pick the correct fertiliser your soil needs. Whether your fertiliser is rich with nitrate or not, the right type of Nitrates for the season. Do you potassium-rich or potassium free, the choices are endless, and the wrong fertiliser can also injure your beautiful plants instead of replenishing them. Also, you need to be informed with the type of your soil and whether it requires too much iron or magnesium, or is it alkaline or acidic. So what is the solution?

Hire us to do the job!

Let us handle the responsibility of keeping your Lawn’s happy and healthy. At Evergreen blades, we understand your love and affection towards your plants, and hence we carry the best in industry equipment. As a part of our lawn services, we offer temperature and PH testing, which gives us valuable insights about the soil and environment conditions. We also believe this helps us address all the needs of the soil and create a plan for feeding your lawn to serve you and your plants the best. Our experts know about plant nutrition, as we also look under the grass to check out the root growth and soil type. This is where you can get the best information for your plant health.

We also provide a calendar that contains tons of information on fertilising and feeding your lawn, which becomes handy if you plan to take over the task in the future.