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This secluded and cozy area is perfect for Australians who want a quiet, peaceful life away from the chaos of metro cities. Waikiki is close to a lot of bustling places in western Australia.

The suburb offers clean beaches, a great environment to raise kids, close-knit and friendly neighbours and a variety of schools, parks, stores and much more. It is a small, safe area for anyone who wants to live there from retired people to working professionals to school goers to beach lovers to families of any size.

There are homes here with big front/back gardens that serve as a place for family gatherings/parties or just sitting out for relaxation. House gardens like the ones you can find in Waikiki need constant and regular care. Something difficult to include in busy schedules.

Now you can rest assured as we provide all types of gardening services for you! Need de-weeding, trimming, edging, lawn mowing or other services to take care of your lawn/garden? We’re here for you! We provide fully trained and highly skilled professionals to take care of your beautiful gardens and keep them looking high-class. Services like lawn mowing, aeration/coring, weed control etc. are all provided by us.

Our most trusted and skilled staff are always put their effort into taking care of your lawns to enhance the beauty of your home. We know it takes a lot of patience, time and sweat to maintain such a great garden/lawn and yes, it can be a task of concern to keep adding and subtracting it from your to-do list. You can rest assured now as we are here to take care of it all for you!

Waikiki Lawnmowing

Lawn Mowing

Do you know what makes a house looks like a welcoming home? A well-maintained lawn. It adds that extra bit of magical, comforting effect and changes the whole look of your home.

But to maintain a lawn well, you need to cut the grass regularly, manage dead patches of land well and strive to keep the balance of the blend of a modern home with the greenery of nature. Not only does it makes your home looks more comforting, but having a good lawn also makes you stay close to nature and spend more time in it with your near ones.

But there is one small inconvenience of this dream life.

The modern lifestyle doesn’t allow taking out time to take care of the whole house, let alone the lawn! The hectic life and busy schedules gradually take a toll for worse on the condition of your yard, making it look lifeless, overgrown, swarming with pests and generally not taken care of. And even if you want to take care of it, it can prove to be a task of high strength, knowledge, and labour.

Additionally, you might do more damage to your lawn than repair it if you don’t know what tools to use. Yet whether you live alone or have a business, the first thing anyone looks at before entering is your lawn, and imagine if it looks like described above, what absolute horror!

But hey want to hear the good news? You don’t have to go worrying about the care of your lawn anymore, why you ask? Because we provide all gardening and lawn maintenance services at the most affordable rates!

With an experience of more than 7 years, you can leave the laborious task of taking care, maintaining and prepping your garden/lawn up to us and you will only have to worry about collecting compliments on a beautiful garden. We have grown to this height because we take our work very seriously as we love taking care of lawns and will treat yours like our own, with the same love, care, and patience.

Our years of expertise has taught us the best equipment, tools, and resources to use to take care of each lawn related problem. So what are you waiting for now? Contact us for the best lawn/garden services so that you keep getting compliments on how beautiful the exterior of your home looks and you won’t even have to break a sweat for it!

Lawn Repair/Lawn Restoration

While most people love spending their time outside their homes and on their lawns, which gives them fresh air and tranquil, and quiet environment. But having an unhealthy lawn might force them to refrain from this joyful activity.

The grass on the other side is always greener. We all have heard or read this proverb somewhere, but it might be true if your lawn is unhealthy. Dead patches, insect infestation, diseases, etc. can quickly take over your lawn even after providing proper care, making it dull and repelling.

There might be other reasons why your lawn might seem unhealthy. Pets, cars, boat trailers and even kids playing cricket and using the lawn as a stadium might take a toll on its health, resulting in an ill-looking, dry garden.

While the free consultation from your neighbour who has a lawn with lush green grass might make the process of repairing the lawn sound easy, it’s not.

Tasks like handling soil activators, chemicals and fertilizers, neutralizing pet spots, etc. takes years of expertise and knowledge. Coupling the right problem with the right solution is only possible when you are aware of the exact issues.

A disease-ridden lawn with insect infestation might require even extra care, which is possible only when this chore is carried out by professionals.

We at Evergreen Blades believe that every house deserves a beautiful, lush, healthy green garden where families and their guests can relax and spend quality time. And hence equipped with years of knowledge and experience, the formal or informal training, we offer lawn repair services to homeowners as well as businesses.

Being a member of the Lawn Mowing Contractors Association of Western Australia, we get access to all the unlimited insights and tips to keep your lawn healthy. Not only this, but we can also send samples for laboratory testing to solve your problems successfully. Our connections with experts in the industry and our latest equipment enable us to tackle every challenge head-on and render you a healthy lawn you always desired.

Evergreen Blades Lawn Restoration Waikiki