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Baldivis Lawn Care Hints

Soil Type Map

Did you Know Baldivis has different Lawn Care requirements than Rockingham and Kwinana?
Why is it different you might ask? Firstly the type of soil is different. While most of Baldivis is Eastern Coastal Plains type of soil, some parts are Western Coastal Plains. There is also a Strip of Central coastal plains. What does this mean, for my lawn and garden, Well the PH balances will be different also the wettability of your soils would also be different.
These are both key factor's in your lawn care as if your soil fails to absorb enough water. Then the roots don't go deep, so when summer arrives the plant cant access the nutrient it needs and suffers.
Also, the soil PH if it is not monitored and checked when you apply fertiliser do you know which is the correct type? Are you putting the wrong kind of fertiliser on the lawn? Garden and Lawn fertilisers are different. Also, is the fertiliser working? Or you are just wasting money.
As we are in Baldivis and caring for lawns all over the place, we know how to find and test your soil to ensure we can manage it correctly. This includes checking your soil, examining your lawn, Testing the PH and diagnosing any potential problems. We know Baldivis, and the types of issues you turf can have as we deal and correctly them daily. Hence why Evergreen Blades are the Baldivis lawn care professionals.

Why Evergreen Blades

Lawnmwoing, Landscaping and Gardening Service.

Evergreen Blades don't just mow or cut your lawn. We want your lawn green and healthy, Why because a green and healthy lawn gives us more business. How well your family and friends like the look of your grass and ask how you do it, And you tell them about us. You neighbours also see your lawn looking great and ask us to help.
We are professionals, Having completed a residential turf management course teaching us how to care for your lawn, not just cut it. We are also in the process of bringing on an apprentice Horticulture Student to our business to further our knowledge while supporting our youth.
We are also active members of the Lawn Mowers Contractors Association of Western Australia, and the Local Chamber of commerce. What does this mean for you, Well we have to abide by their code of conduct, Ensure we have the correct commercial grade equipment that is kept well maintained. And ensure we professionally run our business.
Hence, is why Paul has spent two months in testing 12 different software version to find our choice of scheduling and invoicing software.
Did you know we also do Landscaping and basic gardening As well? Paul is also a Water Corp Waterwise garden irrigator #0373, meaning he can ensure your irrigation system is working effectively and meeting water restriction requirements.

This is why we are the Baldivis Lawn Care Professionals

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