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Baldivis Lawn Care Services


Baldivis Lawn Care Services

A well-managed lawn is a beautiful lawn that gives a neat and clean look to your property and makes it more welcoming. When the grass is cut timely and green spaces are maintained with care, it creates a serene environment that blends the urban lifestyle with the greenery of woods. Not only a well-maintained lawn lifts human spirits, but it also provides a calming place for relaxation.

But the modern lifestyle barely gives time for the proper maintenance of the lawn. The busy life and hectic routine can easily take a toll on your lawn maintenance schedule. Even when you do have time, the whole task could be laborious and tiring and without proper equipment, you can end up doing more damage than good.

Whether you are having a get-together at your residence or about to have important meets in your office, the first impression is everything when you are having guests over or you’ve got customers. If your lawn is cluttered and uninviting, it might lead to serious embarrassment or you may even end up losing a customer!

So what is the least time-consuming way to get the job of lawn mowing done effectively, without any hassle?

Leave it to the professionals

The beauty of any property can be enhanced by a well-maintained lawn. When the grass is properly cut, it gives a clean appearance and puts your property in the spotlight.

Now, we understand how much blood and sweat it takes to properly maintain a lawn and not everyone has the proper equipment or the resources for this chore.

Hence leave this task to us!

At Evergreen blades, we take the task of lawn mowing, so that you can cross off this daunting chore from your to-do list and enjoy your day doing what matters the most to you.

We use the best tools and resources available in the market and keep experimenting with new ways to give you a lawn that you’ll love. Our team of professionals keep track of all the products from national as well as international manufacturers and keep on testing new equipment to serve you the best. Our blades are sharpened regularly to ensure the best quality cut, so you can rest assured and get the value for your money.

Plants get all of their essential nutrients from their surroundings. Everything they need is around them, either in the soil or is drifting in the air. But if everything is so readily available, the question arises, why invest in the appropriate fertilisers?

Even though plants might have access to all the nutrients, not every plant can consume them. The secret is in the soil. Not every soil type packs nutrients which might be enough for your lovely plants. Factors like construction, pollution, environmental changes, and traffic might alter the soil structure and its constituents, which shrinks the amount of nutrient in the soil. And hence, fertilisers are essential to help the plants access all the nutrients they require to thrive.

But how much quantity of fertilisers is required? How can you decide how less is too little and how much is too much?

It is always a good idea to get your soil tested before adding fertilisers to it. Adding less amount of fertilisers in the earth might not be helpful and overfeeding your plants might also kill them! A well-fed plant is a happy and beautiful plant, and knowing the right quantity is the key.

While the market has 100s of different brands and types of fertilisers, it might be a puzzling task to pick the correct fertiliser your soil needs. Whether your fertiliser is rich with nitrate or not, the right type of Nitrates for the season. Do you potassium-rich or potassium free, the choices are endless, and the wrong fertiliser can also injure your beautiful plants instead of replenishing them. Also, you need to be informed with the type of your soil and whether it requires too much iron or magnesium, or is it alkaline or acidic. So what is the solution?

Hire us to do the job!

Let us handle the responsibility of keeping your Lawn’s happy and healthy. At Evergreen blades, we understand your love and affection towards your plants, and hence we carry the best in industry equipment. As a part of our lawn services, we offer temperature and PH testing, which gives us valuable insights about the soil and environment conditions. We also believe this helps us address all the needs of the soil and create a plan for feeding your lawn to serve you and your plants the best. Our experts know about plant nutrition, as we also look under the grass to check out the root growth and soil type. This is where you can get the best information for your plant health.

We also provide a calendar that contains tons of information on fertilising and feeding your lawn, which becomes handy if you plan to take over the task in the future.

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