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Irrigation Design And Install

Irrigation system Design

Evergreen Blades can design an efficient and effective irrigation system for your commercial property.
With years of experience and as a hunter trained system designer and technician Paul is more than capable of designing a new water-efficient system. Using a computerised program, we can ensure the system has full coverage with the available amount of water from the tap or bore as well as enough pressure to ensure the sprinklers work effectively.

Back Yard Retic Repair
Broken Pipe

Reticulation installation

We have invested a considerable amount of funds into the irrigation side of the business, including a trenching machine and the software to design the system.
Installation is also carefully done to water Corporation Waterwise standards to ensure we don’t have a fault and have a system that works effectively.

Water Wise Controllers

Evergreen blades also design all systems to be waterwise. We mean not only creating the system with hydrazones, but also with controllers that can use the internet to monitor the weather as well.
Hydrozoning is the separation of areas that have different watering requirements. For example, keep lawns separate from garden beds, and trees separate from flowers, Each of these requires different amounts of water.

Broken Sprinkler
irrigation Repairs

Irrigation System Installs

When we install systems, we do things that are according to Irrigation Australia and Waterwise requirements. We usually go above what some other contractors would do as our everyday work. 
For example, when we place sprinklers along the kerbs or driveways we put them on articulated risers, these allow sprinklers to move around and fold over when hit by things.
We test every system before finishing up. We then go through the whole system with the owner and always provide after install support.
Also, guarantee all our work for 12 months from the date of installation.

Bore system upgrades

When we install the systems on bores, we have lots to consider, as been caught previously with poorly installed bores or old bores which no longer operate.
When we install systems on a bore, we always test and ensure the bore is capable of doing what is required. That way we know the water pressure and flow rate, we also run it for a while to ensure that the bore can keep up with the requirement, as some older bores might need to redrill or pumps changed due to age or change in water level.

Evergreen Blades Post Irrigation retic system upgrade

Perth Watering Days

And for those that want to program their controller, here is the link to the water corporation watering days.

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