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Irrigation Retro Fit & Upgrades

Upgrading controllers

Controllers are the central hub of your irrigation system. We often see residential controllers installed at commercial properties.

Whilst these may work they might not be the best or most suitable option, Although cheaper initially they can often cost more in the long term, Either water cost or replacement of the controller when they fail due incorrect application.

Hunter Pro-HC
Evergreen Blades Irrigation Broken Sprinkler Repair Rockingham

Sprinkler Repair

Often customers or couriers drive and park on the grass, this often causes damage to sprinklers within the lawns. 

Often we find irrigation installers of commercial properties using poor techniques to deal with this issue. Sometimes the best option is to use a flexible riser or and Articulated riser to allow for vehicles to drive over them without causing damage to the pipework, and allowing some flexibility to reduce damage to the sprinklers themselves.

Irrigation Auditing

When looking at an irrigation system there is a few issues that are often missed, We often get asked to look at a lawn that does not look correct to try and repair the issue. Often a staff member has turned on the irrigation and see that they are all spraying correctly, However, when we do a catch cup test we find areas that are not getting the water they require either due to incorrect sprinkler adjustment of wind or other factors. 

We Always do a cup test to ensure that the lawns are getting exactly what it needs, this also includes our new system to ensure the design is correct.

Evergreen Blades Before Retic upgrade in naval base
Evergreen Blades Vertimowing

Irrigation yearly servicing

Often irrigation systems are tested once and then forgotten.

But did you know there are serviceable items within an irrigation system. Bores have check valves that need monitoring, Sprinklers also have filters to catch debris in the water to prevent blockages. Also doing things such as leak checks to ensure that the system is functioning correctly.

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