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Commercial Lawn Mowing

Commercial Lawn Mowing

A commercial property needs to be a high standard. We offer a full Turf maintenance service package, and This includes Regular Lawn Mowing, Fertiliser application and weed control.
With our knowledge and experience, we can maintain lawns at your commercial property to a high standard to give the professional appearance of your property to reflect the professional standards and service your business provides.

Evergreen Blades Lawn Mowing Naval Base
Evergreen Blades Commercial Lawnmowing Kwinana

Lawn Mowing

When you mow a lawn, you want to ensure that it’s cut correctly. We use high-quality machinery, which is has been serviced regularly and kept sharp.
Evergreen Blades also ensure that the lawn is always at the correct height. As cutting it too short might reduce the frequency of the cuts the lawn requires but often stresses the grass out, causing browning of the grass leaf.

Edging and Line trimming

When we mow your lawn, cutting the grass is only part of the job, having that nice neat finish is just part of our lawn mowing service.
We use metal blades edgers to give the grass an excellent straight cut along concrete driveways and pathways. When going around trees and garden beds, we use a fibre line trimmer (aka Whipper Snipper).

Evergreen Blades Post Irrigation / Retic Upgrade in Commercial zones
Evergreen Blades Lawnmowing Cooloongup

Lawn Fertilising​

To keep your lawn nice and healthy, it also requires fertilising. However, different grasses have different needs. Buffalo, for example, require less amount of fertiliser than Couch grasses.
They also have different needs depending on the season. Fertilisers also differ in how they break down, so the nutrients absorbed into the plant.
Ammonium Sulfate, for example, requires the bacteria in the soil to break down the nitrogen so the plant can absorb it. So its only effective in warmer months October to May. And Ammonia Nitrate is better for colder months.

Lawn Weed Control

When your commercial property has excellent healthy lawn weeds are easy to control. That is because the turf forms a matting to reduce the chance of weed’s growing. 

We provide Chemical weed control and are licensed to spray herbicides legally as a lawn mowing contractor. Most contractors we have spoken to don’t have the required licenses and often only spray Weed n’ Feed. Open them up to issues when things go wrong. 

Evergreen Blades Port Kennedy Lawn Mowing Service

Please contact us for an obligation free quote for your Lawnmowing, Irrigation or Weed control requirements

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