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Lawn Repair

Commercial Lawn Repair

A commercial property needs to be a high standard. We offer full Turf repair services to bring your lawns up to a high standard. Often customers park on the lawn causing compaction of the soil inhibiting the lawn growth. Can also help spread the weed seeds and Damage the irrigation causing dry spots.

Evergreen Blades Lawn Mowing Naval Base
Evergreen Blades Commercial Lawnmowing Kwinana

Lawn Aeration

When customers park on your lawn, it compacts the soil. This prevents turf roots from growing and absorbing the nutrients and water.
This requires something to break up the soil to allow air and nutrients down deep. We achieve this via aeration or coring to let water and nutrients to get down deep into the ground.

Irrigation repairs

Often one of the most significant issues we come across in poor irrigation when we review a lawn to find out problems.
The correct way to analyse irrigation is using a cup test to see how much water is getting to different areas of the turf. This allows you to visually see where is getting moisture and what areas are not.

Evergreen Blades Before Retic upgrade in naval base
Evergreen Blades Post Irrigation / Retic Upgrade in Commercial zones

Irrigation repairs​

A commercial property needs to be a high standard. We offer a full Turf maintenance service package, and This includes Regular Lawn Mowing, Fertiliser application and weed control.

With our knowledge and experience, we can maintain lawns at your commercial property to a high standard to give the professional appearance of your property to reflect the professional standards and service your business provides.

Lawn Weed Control

When your commercial property has excellent healthy lawn weeds are easy to control. That is because the turf forms a matting to reduce the chance of weed’s growing. 

We provide Chemical weed control and are licensed to spray herbicides legally as a lawn mowing contractor. Most contractors we have spoken to don’t have the required licenses and often only spray Weed n’ Feed. Open them up to issues when things go wrong. 

Evergreen Blades Port Kennedy Lawn Mowing Service

Please contact us for an obligation free quote for your Lawnmowing, Irrigation or Weed control requirements

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