Commercial Lawn Mowing & Garden Maintenance

We provide commercial lawn mowing & garden services. For the retail and smaller industrial business to the Rockingham , Kwinana, Hope Valley , Naval Base and surrounding areas. Customers first impressions can significantly influence how they feel and if they want to spend. A customer how sees a beautiful well-presented store is likely to pay more. A customer who sees overgrown trees and footpaths overcrowded with bushes filled with litter is not a reassured customer.
This service is a cut about our standard residential work as we often spend a little bit more time. And offer a few more services to ensure the front of your business is well presented.

For our commercial lawn & garden clients, we can operate outside of regular business hours to ensure we don’t interfere with your customers. This part of our service is vital for both you and us. As having clients walking across a lawn which we have a cylinder blade spinning at 6,000 rpm. Is not an ideal situation, neither is blowing grass clippings into your new clean business vehicle.

We also have an integrated WHS into our booking system which allows us to ensure we meet both your’s and our WHS requirements.

With our automated system, an email or SMS will be sent the day before to advise you of our pending attendance. We have a planned maintenance schedule in our system so that we can ensure everything every time it’s required and correctly. And from the beginning and we don’t miss anything.
Lastly, we tap into our resources, as members of the Lawn Mowing Contractors Association of Western Australia, and the Waterwise Group as well as have horticulture staff and access to Lab’s to test soil conditions, to ensure we can get things and maintain them as required.

Our goal by doing this is to make your business have a great first impression. As it’s that first impression that lasts.

Unfortunately, every business has different requirements so please drop us a line and we can come a create a custom program for your business.