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Weed Spraying / Weed Control

Chemical Weed Control

Under Western Australia legislation Commercial application of herbicides require the operators to have a license, the business is registered and a pest control business.

Evergreen Blades meets both these requirements meaning we can safely apply herbicides and pesticides to your lawns and garden beds legally without the risk of infringement, and in a safe manner that reduces the risk to you and your staff.

Evergreen Blades Lawn Mowing Naval Base
Evergreen Blades Commercial Lawnmowing Kwinana

Chemical Knowledge

All staff at Evergreen Blades are trained in chemical application and knowledge to safely select the correct chemical for the job and application rate not to risk the other plants or people.
This also allows us to ensure we are applying and effective chemical to do the job you want us to do.

Turf Spraying

Spraying Weed and Feed can be useful if applied correctly. This means the correct application rate for the area being sprayed on the right chemicals for the target weeds. Not all weeds can be controlled with Weed n’ Feed.
We don’t use Weed and Feed. We identify the Weeds we need to control both now and what we would expect soon and spray for those weeds with a range of different chemicals depending on our needs.

Evergreen Blades Before Retic upgrade in naval base
Evergreen Blades Commercial Gardening Rockingham

Garden Beds and Pathways​

Garden beds can require a different type of treatment, as often we don’t want to kill plants so need specialised equipment/spray nozzles.
Also, we can target different things with different chemicals as have one specifically for grasses. Also, we can use additives to allow for better penetration of chemicals into the plant to make them more useful.

Please contact us for an obligation free quote for your Lawnmowing, Irrigation or Weed control requirements

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