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Domestic Services

Domestic Properties

We look after both privately owned and rented properties. And have many clients that have been with us over since we started. If fact most of our clients we have had for 18 plus months since our last marketing push.

Providing quality service, we get many referrals by word of mouth and stopping us in the street once they see the quality of work we do.

Evergreen Blades Lawn Mowing In Golden Bay
Evergreen Blades Post Lawn Coring Aeration 3 week Waikiki

Lawn Mowing

Our basic lawn mowing always includes edging with our metal blade edger and line trimming with our whipper snipper. All our equipment is commercial grade and regular service we have only had one breakdown in 2 years where we had to reschedule work due to parts had to come from the warehouse.

Lawn Maintenance

Our lawn mowing service does not have to be just lawn mowing strictly, We have many customers who don’t want the choir or fertilising and looking after the weeds and irrigation systems.
We have many customers who unlock the gate, clean up for doggy land mines and pay the bills, as we do everything for them, we develop and scheduled program to look after everything.

Evergreen Blades Lawn Mowing Cooloongup
Evergreen Blades Lawn Mowing In Golden Bay

Garden maintenance

This can be a simple walk around and removing the rubbish and weeds from the garden bed, through to full mulching and maintaining of plants. We often find different plants that die due to chemicals over them from cleaners or stolen from garden beds.
We are always looking for the different plants and with a horticulturist on staff know the best way to look after them.

Retic Maintenance

As a Waterwise irrigation specialist, we can also look after your reticulation system. Being able to program and ensure all your sprinklers are working as effectively as they can and doing what is required.

Evergreen Blades Upgrades Waterwise Sprinklers MP Rotator
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