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Domestic Gardening

Looking after your Garden

Although we dont do alot of work when coming to domestic gardening we are always happy to provide some advise to help you look after your plants and gardens.


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Controlling weeds in garden beds is a multi-step process. From manually removing them, Chemical Treatment and mulching are all processes we often discuss with clients to maintain their gardens best.

We often chemically treat lawns and then manually remove weeds, but always recommend mulching where possible.


When mulching of a garden bed we already recommend larger wood chips, over the years we have tried many many differnet things and found the best to controll weeds, keep the moisture in the soil and provide a reasonable look, the red wood chips seem to be the best. 

Not only that when they get on the grass they dont smash windows when hit with mowers.

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Tree Pruning and Hedging​

Another service is a small tree and bush pruning and hedge trimming.
Knowing how and when to pruning and hedge is essential, Often we find somebody has let the hedge grow to much or have cut it with a blunt blade. These cause significant issues; blunt blades tend to tear the branches and leaves leaving brown marks or damage to the plant. Allowing it to overgrow requires more work to try and get it back to the shape you want as have to carefully prune it back to a point where new growth nodes are still present, some times these are there and the damage it too much.

Please contact us for an obligation free quote for your Lawnmowing, Irrigation or Weed control requirements

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