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Irrigation Repairs

Water Leak Rebate Claim

Water Corporation also allow Waterwise Garden Irrigation Providers(WGIP) to verify and claim a leak allowance. As part of the Waterwise garden program we are authorised to complete the repairs, and inspect and sign off and submit an application form to possibly claim a rebate for the excess water use caused by a broken pipe.
There is a certain amount of criteria that must be met, such as Having a master valve installed on the system and the leak must not be visible, e.g. Spraying 3m into the air. We can check this and repair and claim the rebate

Broken Sprinkler
Broken Pipe

Broken Pipes

With broken pipe a common occurrence, and a wide variety of typical causes from Vehicle damage, Incorrect Glue, Pets, Old Age and excavation/digging damage.
Repairs can be to correct the issues in most cases, this is fine; however, if it is a common occurrence, then something needs to be done to try and reduce it from happening again.
We can correct these issues, adding an articulated riser. Or by redirecting pipework away from the problem, We can help with all of this.

Solenoid Location and Wiring Fault finding

One common issue is that people forget the location of control valves and Pipework. This could because from purchasing a pre-existing house without a plan for existing irrigation system, and Lawn has overgrown the control boxes, mulch covering valve boxes in garden beds, or broken wire’s causing clickers to no longer work.
With our specialised equipment, we can locate valves, detect broken wires a trace them back to the break or valve. Also, repair these effectively and correctly.

Back Yard Retic Repair
Retic Testing Rockingham

Irrigation System Audit and Testing​

Doing a review of the irrigation system can ensure that things are working correctly. Overtime systems and become outdated and inefficient, We often see systems installed on the 1990’s using sprinklers that are not effectively spraying water onto the lawn or systems that have lawn and gardens on the same valve.
Doing a review can highlight issues and allow us to provide information to improve the system by dividing it into hydrazones. Hydrozoning is the separating different plant areas that require different watering requirements. Meaning better water saving as putting 10ml of water onto garden beds is wasting water. However, putting 6mls of water on the lawn may not be enough during the warmer dryer months(Turf depending).

Irrigation RetroFit and upgrades

Upgrading irrigation systems can be a costly exercise, They require much more planning, simply because unless you have full knowledge of where the pipework is running, where the wires, solenoids, valves and the sprinkler are all located. If you don’t know these simple things, it takes time to try and reconfigure all this.
Most of the time, it could be cheaper to redesign the system from scratch; this also has other benefits. Such as not having to cut and move pipes, or patch the wiring system to ensure things are going to work, which creates other problems like increased chance of broken wires in the future if a connection failed.

Evergreen Blades Post Irrigation retic system upgrade

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