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Irrigation Retro Fit & Upgrades

Residential Irrigation Controllers

With so many different controllers out in the market its hard to find one that suits everyone.

This is why we do not recommend any controller for everyone, We do promote Hunter range of controllers, but that is for good reason.

Hunter X-Core
Hunter X2

Hunter Controllers

With years of experience within irrigation we are always using and playing with many different controllers. however the one we find the easiest to use and program and to teach others how to use is the Hunter X-core.

However its has its draw backs and is not a weather monitoring controller, which hunter addressed and released the Hunter X2 Controller, which connects to WiFi and use weather to help save water.

Adding stations / Hydrazoning

People often buy a house or expand and change their yard with landscaping. So this is where we can add or update your irrigation system to ensure it can do what it is required to do effectively.

We have the knowledge and skills to re- wire the control valves, Add new valves and also ensure the system is water efficient.

Evergreen Blades Post Irrigation retic system upgrade
Evergreen Blades Upgrades Waterwise Sprinklers MP Rotator

Sprinkler upgrades

Over the last few years sprinklers have improved significantly. For years we have driven down the road and seen more water on the road and footpath than the lawn due to wind or incorrect sprinkler selection.

There are different sprinklers for different situations. We have sprinklers that can spray 40cm wide and 3m long rectangular patterns. Its all know what is available and what suits your system.


With years of being told rain sensors dont work i can tell you things have changed. the old sensors used a material than when wet would cause the circuit to turn off, These days qaulity rain sensors actually also measure the evaporation rate which allows the controller to know when to turn the sprinklers back on.

For example if you have a downpore and it is a over cast day then the sensor might keep the system off for a single day or for 3 depending on the amount of water and the evaporation rate.

And a lot are now also available as wireless options allowing for optimal location installs of the sensor and no running of wires.

Hunter SolarSync

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