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Lawn aeration and Vertimowing

Common Lawn Repair Techniques

Some of the most common Turf repair techniques are Coring, Aeration and Vertimowing. Although these are not the only repair techniques or guaranteed to correct the issues with the lawns. We often use these with other techniques to restore your lawn back to full health. 

When we look to restore a lawn we have a good assessment and develop a plan to restore your lawn to make it healthy and successful.

Evergreen Blades Lawn Mowing In Waikiki
Evergreen Blades Post Lawn Coring Aeration 3 week Waikiki

Lawn Aeration

Turf aeration is the the use of spikes to push holes into the soil. This allows air into the soil and breaks up the tension slightly into the soil.

Normally when the spikes enter the ground you want a penetration of 5-10cm. Unfortunately a lot of the soils in Perth are hard enough and normally can only penetrate about 5cm.

Turf Coring

Coring is simular to aeration, however instead of solid spikes coring uses a hollow tyne, these again you want to get to at least 5-8cm in depth. 

With many of the machine we have tried and tested we still struggle to reach 8cm. however there is some machines out there that we have found to achieve this.

The benefits of coring over aeration is that this actually removes a small sample of the soil and create a larger diameter hole to allow more water and nutrients into the soil.

Evergreen Blades Coring Secret Harbour
Evergreen Blades Vertimowing

Turf Vertimowing​

Vertimowing is the removal the thatch layer of the turf. This is the thick bulk growth of layers of lawn on top of each other.

The removal of these layers allows for better water penetration to the roots and reduction of water and nutrients requirements.

It removes most of the spongy feeling and allows for better finish on the lawn.

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