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Lawn Mowing Business - Pricing Packages

Like most professional Lawn mowing Business we offer professional lawn care packages. These prices depend on a few things so are a rough idea.

Things to consider when you are price shopping:-

  • Reputation - We have positive reviews, however, we are also Members of Lawnmowing Contractors Association so have a Code of Conduct and Standard we need to meet. Can be subject to inspections.
  • Equipment - All our equipment is professional quality and well maintained, We also have backup equipment if required.
  • Professionalism - We have Professional Uniforms, Branded Vehicles and a great booking software system.
  • Offer Payment services we expect - We accept EFTPOS, EFT and Cash payments.
  • Issue Receipts - We provide both SMS and Email receipts on request.
  • Reliability - We SMS our clients before each of our work days to let you know we are coming. Also can SMS when you are next and we are on our way to you.
  • Reliability - This is big for us, We have invested time and money in finding a great booking system which will automatically book in your next job when we have finished your current job. So we don't miss any clients.

We have stated we are a professional Lawn Mowing Business and want to do our best to keep our clients happy, We will always return and try and fix up anything that is not satisfactory, and continue until we can't do any more.



Additional Services

Thatch problem? Weeds in the interlock? We offer a variety of additional services that you can add to any program.

Weed Control for Driveways, Pathways and Garden Beds.
Starting from just
Starting from just
De-thatching / Vertimowing
Starting from just
Granular Fertilising
Starting from just
Lawn Weed Control
Starting from just
Evergreen Blades
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