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Paul is a Water Corporation waterwise garden irrigation member, Meaning he has been accessed, by Irrigation Australian as being competent in irrigation design and repairs according to the Water Corporation requirements. He is also a member of Irrigation Australian and on the Waterwise subcommittee.

Irrigation repairs

Basic repairs such as sprinkler repairs, fixing broken pipes, repairing damaged solenoids can all be done with ease and most people can do this without problems.

However, some common problems people are not always aware of when changing sprinklers is precipitation rates. This is the amount of water being applied by a sprinkler nozzle. It can cause major issues if you change out one sprinkler nozzle with another with different precipitation, as different rates mean different amount of water being applied so could mean that reduced amount of water being applied to that area.

Solenoid Location

One common issue is that people loos the location of control valves, this could be from purchasing a pre-existing house without a plan for existing irrigation system, Lawn has overgrown the control boxes, mulch covering valves in garden beds, or broken wire’s causing clickers to no longer work.

With our specialised equipment, we are able to locate valves, detect broken wires a trace them back to the break or valve. Also, repair these in a effective and correct manner.

Programming Controllers

This can be confusing with so many different things to program, and some controllers really are not user-friendly (even we struggle with some controllers). But programming is not just setting run time and start times.

As mentioned before different nozzles and sprinklers, so when we program controllers we go the extra step and doing a cup test to measure the amount of water being applied, and then we do calculations to ensure the correct amount of water is being applied, by working out how much time is required to apply 10mls or water.

Water Leak rebate claim

Being a waterwise member we can complete rebate claim forms for leaks due to irrigation system issues. Leaking valves, cracked pipe’s are some of the reason we can complete the claim form.

However, we also are required to complete the repair work to Water Corporation standards, which means not just fixing the leak but ensuring it is done correctly and testing the system.

Irrigation System Review

Doing a review on the irrigation system can ensure things are working correctly, Overtime systems and become outdated and inefficient, We often see systems that were installed on the 1990’s using sprinklers that are not effectively spraying water onto the lawn, or systems that have lawn and gardens on the same valve.

Doing a review can highlight issues and allow us to provide information to improve the system. Anding Hydrozones to a system is something that was never done in the 1990s, Hydrozoning is the separating different plant areas that require different watering requirements. This means better water saving as putting 10ml of water onto garden beds is wasting water, However putting 6mls of water on the lawn may not be enough during the warmer dryer months(Turf depending).

Irrigation System Upgrades

Upgrading irrigation systems can be a costly exercise, They require a lot of planning, simply because unless you have full knowledge of where the pipework is running, where the wires, solenoids, valves and the sprinkler. If you don’t know these simple things it takes time to try and reconfigure all this. 

Most of the time it could be cheaper to redesign the system from scratch, this also has other benefits, such as not having to cut and move pipes, or patch the wiring system to ensure things are going to work, which creates other problems like increased chance of broken wires in the future if a connection failed.

Perth Watering Days

and for those that want to program their controller, here is the link to the water corporation watering days.