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Adian has almost completed his is horticulture trade qualification and has specialised in Turf Restoration. Paul completed his certificate in residential turf management in 2018. Being both experienced in turf management mean they both know-how to et and keep a lawn healthy.

Lawn Mowing Schedule

Regular mowing of a lawn is one of the key things needed for a healthy lawn. it promotes growth and an increase in the root system. Having a good root system allows for the better absorption of water and nutrients for the lawn to grow.

When you cut the lawn and you cut too much of the leaf off the plant you remove it’s storage or water and nutrients as well and the ability for photosynthesis to occur. Its always recommended to cut no more than 1/3 of the leaf off at any time. If the lawn is too tall it is easy and safer to cut the lawn down slowly over a period of time. This allows the lawn to recover and not get stressed due to the sudden removal of its storage.

Cutting Techniques

You notice that most professional mowers use specialised equipment and mowers when they cut lawn, machines such as a Cylinder/Reel mower. These mowers have 2 blades so when the cut the leaf they are cut, like scissors between the top and bottom blades. Rotary mowers have 2 or 4 blades but these are independent and don’t have a scissor action and instead spin cause the grass leaf to tear or rip away. As it rips or tears the grass leaf often causing an uneven cut to the top of the leaf. This can cause browning and damage to the leaf.

Also, you can often see different lines of green after a professional has cut the lawn, this is due to the rollers on the mower, as this pushes the grass over, as the mower moves in different directions it pushes the leaf over is different directions allowing the sun to reflect the light differently.

Cutting Height

When you look at a lawn they are have different requirements, different types of lawns need different cutting heights, for example most couch grasses like to be kept short 8-10mm to be kept looking good, Buffalo likes to be kept at 10-14mm and some people prefer a bit more height to make it a bit more comfortable due to the extra leaf.

However, some lawns can be trained to be mowed lower when you look at golf greens and bowling greens. these lawns tend to be mowed at between 6-10mm depending on the purpose.

Lawn nutrients

Lawns require food, but like us, not all lawns are the same they require different ingredients, most of the time we can tell simply by looking at the colour of the leaf measuring the PH levels and also looking at the roots. mostly we just measure the PH ideally for buffalo lawn in the Rockingham/Baldivis area we find the PH of 6.0-6.5 to be ideal, but for couch grass between 6.0-7.0 works well.

As for fertilisers we have tested a large range of stock fertilisers and use different fertilisers for different purposes as they are all different. We tend to recommend the Baileys range of fertilisers to our customers and do use them ourselves on different occasions. However, we also tend to blend our own fertilisers for different results we wish to achieve.

We also use both liquid and granular fertilisers for different jobs, giving us better control of the outcome we want. For example, sometimes we want rapid growth, other just to green up the lawn or just enough to keep it healthy and green.

Knowing Your Lawn

Knowing your lawn can make a huge difference in how to care for it and make it green and healthy. Having regular lawn mowing, applying regular fertilising and ensure it is watering the correct amount.