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People Love Us!

It’s not a secret. Customers love our services. Have a look at some of our latest testimonials from real customers.

Huge Thanks

We were planning on selling our house in a few months, but our lawns looked worse for wear, Weeds, Dead patches and irrigation system issues.

We contact Paul, and he attended our property, seen the issues, discussed the plan and our requirements. Within 2 days he was back repairing the irrigation and repairing the lawn, And not just putting new lawn in he tested the soil, Identified the weeds and used his custom blended fertiliser.

A Week later he returned to spray the weeds which had grown.

Back again a weeks later he was back to mow the lawn and it needed it. Weeds were almost dead and no new ones, once he had finished everything looked great other than a few dead spots.

2 months later the lawns were looking Mint, our neighbours were jealous. We listed the house and it sold within a week, it wouldn’t have happened with the lawns in the original condition.

Thanks Paul

Professional Service.

We contacted Evergreen Blades for a simple sprinkler repair, When they rocked up i was shocked, in work uniforms, Professional trailer and equipment. Sprinkler was repaired extremely quickly and matching pattern to original. We asked for a quote to do the lawns, was reasonably priced and has now been doing our lawn for over 12 months. They rock up do the work and send me the bill, i have no issues paying straight away. And there system is easy, sms and emailed invoices with option to pay via credit card it is just simple and without headaches.

Baldivis, W.A,

Best Out There

We hired the Paul from Evergreen Blades to completely revive our front lawn. They did an amazing job! Everything was planned out perfectly and executed on time. Now everyone on our street is jealous of our beautiful lawn.

Greenfields, WA.

Amazing Service

We fired our last gardener as wasn’t doing what was required, Our owner is extremely fussy with his own land and wanted us to find somebody whom is professional from the start. Paul and Adian both attended and went through out site and asked questions, discussed what we wanted and identified a few issues.

We have not looked back or regretted our choice in any way, the owner visits occasionally and is always pleased with the presentation of our gardens and lawns, so much so the manager and foreman have used him at there own premises as well.


Naval Base, W.A.

Beautiful Result

We had a major public event coming up and our current gardener was not doing things, Eg no mulching, weeds in garden and overgrown bushes. Having used Evergreen Blades at one of my other business, We called and asked for some URGENT help. Within a few hours we had a site visit, and a quote later that night

3 days later the job was completed, And well what a transformation, Hedges Pruned, Mulch in garden beds, all the weeds removed, even went a step further and mowed the lawns and blown down the driveway/Car park for us.

Myaree, W.A.

Highly Recommended!

My Husband’s health had been deteriorating for years. And i just needed hire someone to handle the outdoor maintenance for us.  We seen our neighbours lawn mowing contractor and the quality of his work. I am so happy with the service thus far! All the Paul & Adian are hard working and a pleasure to talk to. And do to the quality service my husband wants.

Rockingham, W.A.

5 Star Service

We hired Evergreen Blades to help us  maintain a commercial garden and lawn for our clients commercial strata property. They were professional, efficient and have done a fabulous job with seasonal maintenance. We’ve even been thanks by our tenants thanks to them! Can’t recommend their services enough.

Rockingham, W.A.

Exactly What We Wanted

I’ve had Evergreen Blades taking care of my yard since they started. This is a great company with a great service. You won’t be sorry if you hire them!

Baldivis, W.A.

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