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Weed Control

Domestic and Commercial property weed spraying

As we are Licensed by the WA Department of Health, we are qualified and trained to apply chemical weed treatment to your lawn and garden areas.

Yes anyone can spray weed and feed or Roundup to your lawns and garden areas. So what makes us different, We can spray targeted chemicals in the areas which are affected by these pests. We can also use particular chemicals to ensure that we are using the right chemical for the right job. As there are many different weeds out there that can easily be confused with each other however different chemicals only combat certain weeds.

We can also rotate chemicals for those problematic weeds out there to ensure that weeds are not becoming tolerant to the same chemical all the time. As an indication of this, there are now crops in Australia which no longer respond to Glyphosate (Round-Up).
We Can also ensure the correct dose is applied as to ensure it does not affect other plants in the Area. Which means we can Spray your lawns to kill the common weeds without killing your lawn, including Buffalo, Common Couch (Santa Anna, and wintergreen), Queensland Blue, and other local turfs.

Another feature is that when we spray your lawn, as we are licensed we are fully cover for our insurance, Is your lawn care professional covered? Most insurance companies would not cover any damage done to your lawn from weed spraying if it was not done by a licensed professional. Unfortunately, most Lawn mowing guys out there are not licensed due to the time and cost involved.

Bindii Jo-Jo Weed control Spraying

Bindii ( Jo-Jo, One-Hunga)

Prostrate mat forming habit. Bright green, delicate (carrot-like) leaves. Flower heads slightly convex, sessile in rosette, centres forming burrs with short spines.

Capeweed Weed control Spraying

Cape Weed

Large hairy grey / green leaves forming open rosette up to 80 x 30cm. Yellow flowers with dark centre. Strong root system. Heavy seed productions.

Cats-ear Weed control Spraying

Cats Ear

Long leaves with deep lobes forming a flat rosette. Flowers yellow on a lengthy often branched floral stem.

Cudweed Weed control Spraying

Cud Weed

Rosette forming with leaves grey/green on top and whitish/grey underneath. Furry leaf underside. Upright flower stem with brown papery flowers.

Dandelion Weed control Spraying


Rosette forming with bright green sharply lobed leaves – lobes point backwards. Yellow daisy like flowers forming sphere shaped seed head- fine hairs attached.

Nutgrass Weed control Spraying

Nut Grass

Sedge with glossy green linear leaves. Trilangular stems supporting brown spike inflorescence that has 2-4 bracts below.

Wintergrass Weed control Spraying


Low growing clump forming grass. Bright green/ lime green leaves. Panicle inflorance. Active growth through cooler months. Tolerates close mowing.

Creeping Oxalis Weed control Spraying

Oxalis - Creeping

Heart shaped leaves and 5 petalled yellow flowers. Creeping sterns take root and nodes and spread efficiently.

Paspalum Weed control Spraying


Hairless turfted grass with noticeable fold along mid rib. Flowers are multiple spikes that hold sticky black seeds. Strong stolons and rhizomes.

White Clover Weed control Spraying

White Clover

Oval to eliptical leaves of variable size. Ball type inflorescence usually white. Deep resilient root system.

Evergreen Blades
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